Free Initial Consultation

Joanne offers a complimentary 15 minute phone session for you to know if she is someone you would like to work with.  No appointment necessary.  Call today and leave a message!  We’ll get back with you.

Individual Nutrition Consultation

As a nutrition consultant Joanne offers personalized nutrition plans.  Schedule an appointment  for a private consultation in person or over the phone.  She will discuss your complete nutritional and medical history and tailor your action plan based on  health  issues you want to address.  You will receive personalized nutrition information and handouts to help reinforce the topics discussed.  After an initial assessment all follow ups will be scheduled dependent on program recommendations.  Make an appointment today!  (Phone appointments may be substituted for face-to-face appointments).  If you have borderline diabetes, diabetes, renal disease, pregnant, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglyceride, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, or celiac disease it is highly recommended you check out the Webinar Classes below for a more enhanced counseling session.

7 Day Meal Plan

For the motivated client who wants to make a change ASAP.   Joanne will discuss your medical history, allergies, likes and dislikes, and from there complete an assessment .  You will then receive a computerized diet analysis of your three-day food record, recommended calorie intake for weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain along with a seven day meal plan.  You will also receive  Slyter Nutrition Consulting Services Healthy Grocery List guide.  This is all  done via phone, email or Skype.  Make a phone appointment today!

Grocery Tours

Are you overwhelmed at the grocery store by the sheer number of foods available? The Registered Dietitian will accompany you to your local grocery store and help you understand food marketing and labeling, provide expertise on best choices for foods, and provide examples of grocery lists and menu planning.  This is an excellent follow up to an initial nutrition consultation.   Make an appointment today!


Webinar &”Live” Online Classes

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Technology is enhancing our ability to accommodate clients to attend nutrition classes from any location.  Attend classes using your Web browser. Classes are offered  pre recorded and live to accommodate your busy schedule.  Pre recorded classes you watch at your convenience, otherwise view the calendar in the right column for “live” class schedules. Topics include: pre-dialysis renal diet, diabetes prevention,  diabetes, prenatal nutrition, living a gluten-free life, and  Heart Healthy series on elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure.  Topics discussed in each class are as follow:

  • Pre-dialysis discusses function of the kidney, purpose of the renal diet, implication/sources of protein, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and do meal planning.
  • Diabetes Prevention discusses relation of pre-diabetes to diabetes, identify and discuss risk factors, discuss other potential health risks, identify life style changes and their role in diabetes prevention, and review food and nutrition tips.
  • Diabetes Series provides two separate classes: Diabetes Overview, and Non pharmacological Therapy.  Diabetes Overview discusses diagnostic criteria, classifications of diabetes, pathophysiology of diabetes, lab significance, and blood sugar goals.  Non-Pharmacological Therapy covers medical nutrition and exercise therapy.  You are required to view both classes before making an individual appointment with the dietitian.
  • Living a Gluten-Free Life provides you an understanding of celiac disease, nutritional concerns with the disease and diet, what is a gluten-free diet, and how to successfully live a gluten-free life.
  • Prenatal Nutrition discusses weight gain during pregnancy, healthy eating, exercise and breastfeeding.
  • Heart Healthy Series provides three separate classes: Lowering Cholesterol without Medication, Lowering Triglycerides, and Lowering High Blood Pressure.  Each class discusses the relation of the cardiac condition to heart disease, identify and discuss risk factors, identify lifestyle changes, and review food and nutrition tips.  You pick the one that relates to you or view all three.

Call today for more information about  the webinar and “live” online classes  which you attend in the convenience of your home or office avoiding the hassles of driving, and finding a parking space.


Health Coaching

A major part of weight loss is changing bad habits, which is  not always easy to do.  Sometimes it really helps to have someone on your side celebrating your victories, listening and seriously hearing you on a deep level giving you honest and supportive feedback, honoring your process, and helping you stay on track for an effective weight loss.

Evidence based studies state that a major component to successful weight loss and keeping it off permanently is the support that came with it.  In addition, meal replacements and structured meal plans are helpful in achieving health and food behavior change. (Grade 1)

Joanne has partnered with a unique program that utilizes small frequent balanced meals along with free personalized coaching to facilitate lifestyle changes for lasting weight loss and improved health.  This program provides interactive 24 hour online support from peers along with ongoing health coaching.

To learn more about this program  call today.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 3 John 1:2 (NIV)