Joanne Slyter

Registered Dietitian

Joanne Slyter, MBA, RD – Owner,  Slyter Nutrition Consulting Services

Joanne is a Registered Dietitian whose experience spans beyond thirty years.  She  is  seasoned in providing medical nutrition therapy,  nutrition counseling and being a business owner.  As a nutrition therapist Joanne has worked with multiple medical conditions in a hospital setting to include severe trauma cases, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders,  chronic renal conditions, and eating disorders.    She has the knowledge and experience to provide individualized and group nutrition counseling to clients in both a classroom and virtual setting.   She strives to fine-tune her nutrition counseling skills, and sharpen her knowledge of dietetics to encourage the success of her clients.

Joanne is  happily married and blessed with three children. Her family has been her inspiration and support in her career path, which has included being deployed as an Army Reserve dietitian for Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Joanne graduated from Cal Poly State University at San Luis Obispo in Dietetics and Food Administration. From there she completed her dietetic internship in the Army at Brooke Army Medical Center.  She retired recently from the military having completed six years active duty and twenty four years Army Reserves.  She has 30+ years of proven expertise in both military and civilian settings in acute, acute long term, community, and long-term care to include Level III trauma centers, rehabilitation, nursing home, and mental health facilities.  She acquired a Masters in Business Administration which helped her to take on the task of developing and establishing all the nutrition operations for the a newly built, state-of-the-art State Veterans Home, and then moved on to start her own practice in 2006 as a nutrition consultant.  She started out  serving long-term care and progressed on to nutrition counseling and coaching.

Joanne’s interest in counseling stemmed from her time assisting in the out patient medical clinic at Madigan Army Medical Center during her training period with the military.  She acquired first hand knowledge on the management and nutritional care operations that are expected in this type of setting.  She further went on to attend the certificate of training program through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in adult weight management.   She realizes  obesity is recognized as a leading contributor to many health care problems, and few health care providers have any training in weight loss counseling.  Combining her years of experience in all facets of nutrition care and hands-on experience in a state-of-art nutrition clinic provides for top-rated nutrition care to her clients.



My Process

My focus is assuring my clients  have a thorough understanding and appreciation of the nutrition information they receive.  I want to alleviate any concerns or confusion you may have about your present nutrition needs and build confidence and empowerment, allowing you to achieve your health goals.   In addition, I want to help you  get connected with an option that meets your needs.

Are you frustrated being told you have a medical condition and only provided a handout instructing you what to eat as you  walk out the doctor’s office, or received a 30minute impersonal diet instruction which added confusion to frustration?  Have you been told to lose weight but not sure how to start, or where to go for safe guidance? Are you ready to learn how to eat instead of being told what to eat? Do you want more energy and improved health? Do you need a nutrition makeover?    Often, just having a support person who can help you create a plan and goals is the difference between success and running in place. Unfortunately in the midst of acquiring what you need do you lack time or energy to attend appointments or classes? If you are in search of a professional supportive environment, you have come to the right place!

As a registered dietitian, I am here to provide nutrition education, counseling, clarity of nutrition information and to help motivate you and keep you focused.  I concentrate on what you are ready, willing and able to do based on your health, lifestyle, and time frame.

Slyter Nutrition Consulting Services continually invests in technologies that enhance our service capabilities. Our Webinar and Live Online classes allow capability for you to connect with nutrition programs anywhere at your convenience.  Our electronic medical record effectively provides clinical results to your physician that is  HIPAA-compliant.

Whether you need to lose weight, manage  diabetes, beat food sensitivities or face medical issues requiring nutrition intervention, I want to help you.

Program Options

I have put together options for you to choose from to best meet your needs

  • Webinar Classes both Pre Recorded and Live
  • Individual and Telephone Appointments
  • Medical Weight Management Program
  • Grocery Tours

Health Makeover

Improve your health in the following ways:

  • Lower your cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar.
  • Lose unwanted weight.
  • Increase your energy level.
  • Eat for optimal health.
  • Guide you on the proper foods to eat based on your specific medical condition and personal preferences.

Nutrition Solution Tools

  • Individual nutrition counseling
  • Ongoing nutrition coaching
  • Webinar nutrition classes
  • Weight management program
  • Computerized nutrition analysis
  • And much more

Don’t know where to start, but know you need to do something.  A complimentary initial phone consultation, is the best way for you to know if I am someone you would like to work with.  I am not going to judge you, but provide support.  I want to help you, not stress you out!




Q.1.    What is a Registered Dietitian (RD)

Q.2.    Will my health insurance cover my visit?

Q.3.    How do I pay for visits?

Q.4.    What are your hours?

Q.5.    May I bring my spouse?

Q.6.    What will happen to me at my visit?

Q.7.    How long are the visits?

Q.8.    How many times will I have to come?

Q.9.   Are phone appointments as good as face-to-face?

Q.10  Can I take a webinar class?

Q.11   What do appointments cost?



A.1. What is a Registered Dietitian (RD)  Registered Dietitians (RD’s) are health professional specializing in food and nutrition.  In order to earn the nationally-recognized credential of RD, a candidate must complete a Bachelors Degree in Food and Nutrition and/or Masters Degree in Nutrition or American Dietetic internship.  RD status also requires successfully passing the National Registration Exam and accumulating a sufficient number of on-going Continuing Education credits annually.  A RD is sometimes referred to as a nutritionist, however, a nutritionist who has not achieved RD status may not advertise herself or practice as a Registered Dietitian.  RD’s are the only health professionals permitted to counsel patients on medically-necessary dietary intervention.



A.2. Will my health insurance cover my visit?  I  do not process or accept payment through insurance coverage.  However, I will provide you with the proper documentation with appointments to assist you in being reimbursed by your insurance provider directly. Please check with your provider to determine whether nutrition counseling is covered.



A.3. How do I pay for visits?    Webinar and “live” online classes are paid when you place your order.   Counseling and follow-up appointments  will be paid at the time of service using credit card through PayPal, personal checks or cash. Please notify Slyter Nutrition Consulting Services of need to cancel appointment 24 hours prior to appointment by calling 720-841-0761.  If an appointment is canceled less than 24 hours you will receive a $50.00 charge.  All no show/no calls will be charged full visit.



A.4. What are your hours?      Go to Get Started tab and click on Click here to make an appointment  to find out days and times available for face-to-face and phone appointments.     Webinar classes you take at  your convenience.  See calendar on the right for dates of  “live” online classes.  Click here to find out more about the Webinar and Live online classes.



A.5. May I bring my spouse?  Definitely, I encourage  a “family approach.”  The more the merrier.  There is no additional charge if your spouse or significant other wants to join in your session(s).



A.6. What will happen to me at my visit?     We will start by  completing your nutritional assessment which allows for both of us to get to know each other.  We will then discuss areas of concern that impact your current health situation, and  begin  prioritizing with you the changes you need to make.  I prefer a client-centered approach to care  putting you in the control.



A.7. How long are the visits?  The typical initial consultation lasts approximately one hour and follow-up visits usually last 20-30 minutes.  I can tailor your appointments to meet your needs if you require more or less time to achieve your goals.



A.8. How many times will I have to come?  I have a very individualized approach depending upon your current diet, your goals and the number and severity of the health issues that you face.  Ideally how often I work with you depends upon your needs, which may be a one-time visit, weekly or monthly.    Some clients require more intensive follow-up, such as newly diagnosed diabetes, and obesity.   Follow-up visits vary from client to client.  For instance, if you’re a disciplined, self-starter you will require less supervision.



A.9. Are phone appointments as good as face-to-face?  Convenience  sums up the primary benefit for virtual counseling.  I am able to work with you anywhere and anytime.  For the clients who are immobile, this is a great way to visually counsel and not have to worry about commuting.  The session is conducted using the standard telephone line while pointing out information being presented onscreen.   When you are out of town Skype offers free calling between users and allows me to visually talk to you.

A.10.  Can I take a webinar or live online class?  Anyone can sign up for a webinar or live online class.  Those who have borderline diabetes, metabolic syndrome, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglyceride, high blood pressure, pregnant, renal disease, diabetes, or require a gluten-free diet are required to attend a webinar or live online nutrition class prior to their first dietitian visit.  This will help provide a more encompassed counseling session.

A.11  What do appointments cost?   Cost for webinar classes is posted on the online store. As for online and personal appointments, Slyter Nutrition has taken a different approach to charging clients.  Recognizing that medical expenses have become a major burden to family budgets, Slyter Nutrition wants to allow medical nutrition therapy to be an affordable cost.  Prices are discussed and negotiable at time of visit.