Having Gestational Diabetes Is Not A Sentence To Type 2 Diabetes

78484693Did you ever get diagnosed with gestational diabetes during your pregnancy and felt like a black cloud was placed over you? Were you told you have a likely chance of acquiring Type 2 diabetes?  Did you feel helpless waiting for doom and gloom?  Erase all that script from your mind – ALL IS NOT LOST!  According to studies conducted at the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada results of their study suggest  you can do something to prevent it!!  It’s called taking “preventive measures”.

Preventive measures involves examining your physical activity, dietary habits, and breastfeeding.  The goals for each are as follow: exercise a minimum of 150 minutes/week, eat a healthy diet, and breastfeed > 6 months.  For each addition of one preventive measure practice results in 30% less chance of having a body mass index (BMI) >25, 34% less chance of a waist circumference >.88cm, and 33% less chance of insulin sensitiviy <9.69.   (Gestational diabetes need not necessarily lead to T2D, if interventions are put in place)

You may wonder what a BMI, waist circumference or breast feeding  has to do with preventing diabetes.  The answer is fat!  Excess fat interferes with the muscle’s ability to use insulin. The key aspect of type 2 diabetes is Insulin Resistance, which  is the diminished ability of cells to respond to the action of insulin in the transporting of glucose from the blood stream into muscle. By managing your weight, and waistline you are assuring your body less chances of lower insulin sensitivity.  The benefit with breastfeeding is women who nurse may lose the weight gained in pregnancy faster, and more likely to
be true if she nurses for longer than 6 months.

For guidelines on a healthy diet go to choosemyplate.gov

Signed by Joanne Slyter, Registered Dietitian, Westminster, CO




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