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SLYTER NUTRITION CONSULTING SERVICES  specializes in nutrition education, counseling and coaching for all medical nutrition needs, and it’s niche is utilizing technologies that enhance our service capabilities.   It is owned and operated by Joanne Slyter, a registered dietitian, whose goal is to help you get connected with an option that best meets your nutritional needs in a way that is most accommodating to you.  Find out how Slyter Nutrition Consulting Services can help you change your life for the better!

MY VISION is Helping  People to Understand How,  and What to Eat to Feel and Live Healthier.

My vision captures the essence of who I am. Everything I do flows from my vision.  I am not just  a business that provides nutrition education, counseling and coaching– it’s what I’m all about. My vision is providing encompassed information and support that help the client embody the relevance of nutrition with health and wellness.



MY MISSION  is to Help People  Live Their Best Nutritional Life.

As a client-centered practice,  my focus is on providing enhanced education and individual care to tackle ones nutritional concerns.  As a highly trained Registered Dietitian I have the specific knowledge necessary for that success.  It is my job to navigate the nutritional maze using the latest technological capabilities to provide the best support and guidance necessary for my clients to succeed in acquiring their nutritional needs.  Read more


Evaluate your nutrition status by clicking HERE for a free nutrition screening.   This will help determine your need for nutrition intervention.  Understanding your health status as it is right now is an important part of building your personal nutrition plan.

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Slyter Nutrition Webinars & Live Online Classes –  Get support to live healthy by attending classes from home with our “live”  or “pre-recorded” online classes. View class through your Web browser.  Interact through your phone with the dietitian with all “Live” online classes!  This is a new unique way to receive nutrition education and support at your convenience!   Click here for more detail about the classes.

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